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The Revised Codes Of Good Practice is a step change in economic policy in the Republic Of South Africa. IeBEE helps it’s members understand the impact of the revised codes on themselves and their clients, and formulate a new strategy to achieve growth and comply with codes.

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Understand first hand how corporates are responding to the revised codes, why this constitutes a step change in economic policy and what can be done to ensure growth.


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The IeBEE business club offers various solutions to common challenges.


Implement Your Revised Strategy

Off-the-shelf strategy solutions coupled with powerful seminars and an energized network provides an ideal eco-system for growth beyond current borders

Critical Information Regarding The New Codes of Good Practice

Latest Developments Within The BEE sector and How It Affects You.


  • Understand in detail the changes to the codes
  • Develop a clear action plan for an inevitable discussion with a client on black ownership status
  • Understand fronting, and how this can (and why it should) be avoided at all costs
  • Understand Private Equity options
  • Understand broad based ownership options and why this could lead to competitive advantage
  • Understand when adding a second domicile starts to make sense

ieBEE empowers businesses to proactively respond to the BEE codes & grow.

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  • We have packaged world-class off-the-shelf growth solutions for SMME’s
  • We  provide growth solutions that take the challenging legislative landscape in South Africa into account, striving to ease the burden placed on Entrepreneurs.
  • Members of the club qualify for substantial discounts when attending ieBEE workshops and are invited to exclusive events to position them for growth outside of South Africa.

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